My sine qua non….

For so long I’ve had so much to say, not that everyone wanted to hear it, but some have suggested I start a blog.  I guess I really do have things to say that would help others along in their journeys, things that I have struggled through and have somehow, through the grace of GOD, been able to survive.  The Bible talks about (I can’t remember or find the chapter and verse right now) how GOD will allow us to endure so we can in turn help others who are struggling.  So, I guess this is why I’m doing this.  While I will admit my vision is definitely colored by my faith, I doubt my faith is what anyone really expects.  It has been shaken to it’s foundations and yet I still believe.  Some of what has happened to bring me to this point I will expand upon later.  For now, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read whatever I write and hope that it somehow blesses you.

Oh, my sine qua non?  It is GOD.  My Lord Jesus Christ.  His Holy Spirit.  Without them, I could not get through a day.  Even with them, I have trouble getting through some days, but I am here only by their grace.



About sojourner28

Hard line Progressive. Don't fuck with me. I fuck back.
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