The Man and the Woman

The woman sat below the crest of a ridge of rocks descending to the sea.   The area where she sat was rugged and difficult to reach.  She sat peacefully, waiting for him.  They had known each other through time, and while they had always been together in spirit, they had yet to lay eyes on one another.

She gazed at the horizon, knowing the chances of him coming were small.  While their love was unwavering, they had such different lives.  Though they never spoke it, they knew their love was not enough.  They had passed rubicons in their lives and were committed to their responsibilities.  Yet there she sat, waiting, longing for the part of her spirit that had escaped her before she had a clear memory of it.  She knew he was the part of her; the part that would make her whole again.

The man approached the water.  He could not see her yet.  Should he find her and fulfill the desire that had agonized him for most of his life?  This was a dangerous mission.  He couldn’t live with her, but he could not survive without her.  He drew closer to the rocks and looked down upon her.  He could not see her face, but he was sure it was her.

The woman tried to remember when they had discovered each other.  They must have crossed paths a hundred times, but there was not one occasion that either could pinpoint.  They had never actually met, but knew each other so well.  Correspondence and stolen calls fed their love and it grew.  It would have been too easy to call themselves soul mates because they were so much more.  It was like they had been created as one person in the spirit world but had been separated, cruelly, for an unknown purpose.  She knew he was risking far more than she.  If he changed his mind she would understand.

The man walked closer to the sea and took in all that she was.  He prayed she wouldn’t turn to see him.  He wanted to drink in all that she was.  He felt his heart palpitate; his hands grew sweaty.  There was no turning back now.  He navigated the rugged terrain.  Not even the last stretch in their union was made easy.  She could not hear him for the sea until he was just a few feet behind her.  He called out to her.

She turned, startled.  How strange she would feel that way as she had been waiting for him, pleading with the universe he would come to her.  She smiled warmly, knowingly at him.   He was frightened by her beauty.  She was all and more he had envisioned.  He reached out his hand to her and helped her to her feet.  She took him in.  He was tall and lean; powerfully built, but his face was soft with her.  She could see his love gazing back at her.

As the woman rose, the strength of his hand sent a rush of lightheadedness through her; she felt suddenly dizzy. The man felt her uncertainty and pulled her close to protect her from a fall.  She looked up into his face again and their eyes met; they couldn’t break the gaze.  For all the uncertainty, there was no fear.  Their love had conquered any doubts long ago.

They didn’t speak.  They enjoyed the moment of their dream realized.  Her eyes spoke volumes to him.  He could indeed see into her soul and it flooded him with peace he thought he’d never know.  Her eyes sparkled in his light; she could not contain her joy.  He took her face into his hands and kissed her cheeks, then lightly on the mouth.

They revelled in that first kiss.  It confirmed all that they had ever known about one another.  The piece that had been stolen in a time untold was returning.  He kissed her again, this time with a passion that had burned furiously within him.  He lifted her to draw her closer and she submitted to his desire.

They found their way up to a grassy spot and sat down.  They weren’t sure what to say.  He had planned a romantic passage but couldn’t get it out.  She knew anything she said would not be sufficient to express her love and affection.  Finally,  both stammered out “Hello” in unison.  They laughed and realized there was nothing left to be said.

He took here there, not forcefully as he had thought he might, but sweetly and gently, and he was unsure why the tenderness touched him so.  He could feel a tear run down his cheek.  She gave herself to him fully.  His love washed over her like the tide below cleansed the rocks.  The first encounter was brief.  His anticipation didn’t allow for them to make it a lingering  experience.  He felt he had let her down, but she understood.  She drew him close and kissed his face and neck, whispering in his ear, “My love, we have time.  Don’t worry.”  He felt comforted by her understanding and rolled to his back looking up at the sky.  There would never be a day more beautiful than this.

She drew up close to him and he slipped his arm around her.  She laid her head on his chest and listened to his heart beat it’s steady rhythm.  The woman’s hand then flowed gently over his torso.  She felt the power in his body and it made her feel safe.  She nestled in closer and he responded to her soft charms.  The woman noticed the change in his heart rate.  It was quicker and his breathing more rapid.  She lifted her head to look at him;  he smiled.

The sounds of the  roaring tide was lost in their lovemaking.  Neither could hear it; all they could hear, see, taste and touch was their lover.  There was little sweetness now; they devoured each other like animals.  They longed to become one as they once were.  There was no restraint between them and they pleasured each other in every way imaginable.  They heaved and screamed and clutched and tore into the others flesh and finally, together, climaxed so completely, they lost awareness for a moment.

She collapsed onto him without breaking their physical bond.  His arms wrapped around her and he vowed to never let her go.  They lingered like this for a long time.  Finally, he released his grasp and she lifted herself up.  He got up onto his forearms and she leaned forward to kiss his mouth.  “I love you” said the woman.  “I adore you” he replied.

Night approached and they knew it was time to part.  The day had passed from uncertainty, to hesitancy, to consuming passion, to sweet fellowship.  He recited poems he had written for her.  They shard the meal she had brought.   They laughed and cried and could not take their hands away from one another.  The man and the woman knew it was now time to part.

They had promised themselves there would be no tears.  This day was the culmination of their most heartfelt dreams and it had been all and more they dared it could be.   The tears came anyway, first from the man.  They started slowly but soon were flowing down his face.  The woman took a cloth and wiped them away at first; then kissed them away, tasting the salty despair.  As he held her tightly, she found it difficult to breath.  She felt his inconsolable heart breaking, and hers began to flow.  They remained in this embrace until their were no more tears to cry.

No more words were spoken.  They kissed each other one last time and turned to go their separate ways.  They knew they could not turn to catch another glimpse.  They were not strong enough to part twice in one day.

They never felt the same again.  The hollowness that no one or nothing had been able to fill the aching void was gone.  They longed to revisit that day, but were unsure if it would ever happen.  There was fear now; fear if they were joined together again, they would never be able to return to their regular lives.  They could not risk crushing the lives of their other loved ones.

The woman lived her life of service and brought to mind thoughts of the man when she needed a shield against the world.  He thought of her daily; it was all that got him through the demands too many made upon him.

Years later, the woman became very ill at ease.  She knew something was wrong with the man.  She had not heard from him in years and feared the worst.  The man’s illness had kept him from reaching out to her.  It was his time now and his mind was flooded with thoughts of her.  His nurse gave him some medication for the pain and to ease his labored breathing.  He began to slip away and he called out to her.

The woman heard him, but she wasn’t sure where he was calling from.  Had he decided to visit her?  Could that be possible?  She ran outside looking for him.  She thought she saw a glimpse of him across the way and she ran to him, calling his name.  She did not see the car that met her, claiming her life.

They passed into the spirit world again at the same moment.  Their earthly bodies gone, they reunited in form as they were in the beginning of time.  They were whole again; never again to be parted.


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One Response to The Man and the Woman

  1. litbrit says:

    This is so beautiful, so romantic. And so heartbreaking! I felt the same sense of anticipation, joy, delight, and then profound sadness I did when I saw Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood in The Bridges of Madison County. BRAVA, Cara.

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