My Not So Broken Heart!

Just got back from the cardiologist.  He reviewed records from the last few years and said that except for a mild heart murmur, I have a VERY healthy heart!  Initial impression from a test last January stating I had a heart attack was incorrect.  All the swelling in my legs is just old nurses legs.  My blood pressure hasn’t been this good in 25 years!  The problems, it appears, have been anxiety related to PTSD.  That I can deal with much easier than a bad ticker.

Wow, this is the best news possible.  Everyone on my Dad’s side of the family had advanced cardiovascular disease at an early age.  He didn’t live to see 65.  I didn’t know if I’d be around to see my grandchildren.  Now?  Poor things are gonna get spoiled rotten for a long time.  🙂


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